Acting together

Because the very essence of Brest’s International Maritime Festival is to showcase maritime heritage, the Festival presents boat restoration projects.

With more than 700,000 visitors, the Festival takes advantage of its high profile to help boats attract donations via their collaborative fundraising platforms.

Through this commitment to solidarity, we would like to offer the general public and lovers of the sea an opportunity to help a sector that builds links. We are counting on the generosity of the public to complete meaningful projects and help safeguard our maritime heritage.

More information

A subscription is a sum paid by a third party to the benefit of a natural or legal person that helps finance a project. Thanks to subscriptions, projects can realize their objectives.

In the case of the “support a boat” project, subscription is used as a means of funding the restoration of boats and thus preserving our maritime heritage.

The boat must meet a set of specifications.

The project leaders must come from the French mainland’s seaboard.

This means of support is aimed at the general public, businesses and associations wanting to revitalize a sector through a major project. The donations collected may or may not include a counterpart.

The associations responsible for boat restoration projects struggle to find sufficient human and financial resources.

The call for subscriptions is a viable solution for these associations: you would therefore be participating in the collective effort to preserve our maritime heritage.

With 712,000 visitors in 2016, we will take advantage of the high profile of the Festival to promote this project to the general public.

No transactions will go through the organization. Subscriptions are made directly from the donor to the association.

During the Festival, many boats and construction techniques will be on display at Quai Malbert. Shipyards such as the AJD shipyard, the Guip shipyard, the Samuel Zambaldi shipyard will be present. An opportunity for visitors to discover a sector that offers a wealth of trades combining ancestral know-how and modern standards.

Donations will be open until 15 July 2020, on the fundraising platforms.