Who is eligible for registration support? Registration open from December 7, 2019 to May 31, 2020

In order to benefit from registration support, the team must fill in the application form and present its restoration and navigation project. Your application will then be considered by the maritime commission responsible for checking that the boats respect the spirit of the Festival and the specifications.

  • Typical pleasure boat: which testifies to a significant development in recreational boating and water sports, particularly the increase in popular sailing and the classes or types that have marked sailing.
  • Traditional boat: which bears witness to maritime history as well as to traditional navigation and the know-how of sailors and builders (old or rebuilt working boats, steamers, tall ships, old motorboats, and more).
  • Outstanding racing boat: having won races or broken records, or having contributed to the development of regattas and offshore racing such as the Pen Duick series or old one-design vessels.
  • Iconic boat: Some boats are featured because they evoke a symbol, a legend, an era, or a local maritime practice.
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