In 2020, Brest International Maritime Festival invites you to embark on a round-the-world trip.

The traditional guest countries will give way to five maritime "ports of call": the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans: the Poles.

A round-the-world tour punctuated by maritime ports of call

With creative and immersive scenography, each stopover will offer a real change of scenery. As soon as you enter, green areas will plunge you into the atmosphere of the maritime spaces. The voyage will continue with a discovery of the flotilla and the diversity of maritime traditions and construction methods. And to experience each port of call as if it were a real voyage, you will discover the music, songs, crafts and local gastronomy. A voyage calling on your five senses!

Partnerships have been set up with associations from all over the world to help you experience this round-the-world trip.

In addition, times for exchanges between the different ports of call will be organised so that the Maritime Festival will, as always, be guided by the theme of dialogue between maritime cultures.

At each port of call, you will discover the scientific, environmental and climatic challenges specific to each of these great maritime spaces. These are fun and festive opportunities to discover the interactions between sea and land and celebrate the sea as a link between peoples.

Even more surprises on the quayside!

There is an unique atmosphere on the Port of Brest quays that contributes to the success of the Maritime Festival. Concerts, street theatre, parades… It’s an eclectic and uninterrupted show! In 2020, even more entertaining and improvised performances will surprise you along the way. Jam sessions, choirs, improvisation, jigs, sea shanties, festive songs lifted by violins and accordions: there is plenty of room for partying in the convivial spaces as well as spontaneously on café terraces, boat decks…