The Brest International Maritime Festival innovates by creating an interpretation centre, l'Archipel, the new focal point of the 2020 event.

What is an interpretation centre?

An interpretation centre is a museum that does not have a collection but aims to showcase and explain a site and its riches. This type of museum first appeared in the United States in natural parks and has now become widely established in Europe.

One departure gate for all five sea voyages

L'Archipel aims to encourage you to expand your discoveries by embarking on one of the five maritime voyages offered, without being restricted to the quayside.

L'Archipel will allow everyone, depending on their wishes and interests, to find their way around the site by choosing a common thread.

Based on the model of interpretation trails, each of the five maritime voyages forms a route around the site, marked out with waypoints where explanatory panels and animations can be found.

Within L'Archipel, you will have access to terminals linked to the Maritime Festival’s mobile application and to location maps to help you easily and pleasurably navigate around the port.

Combining the Festival spirit and the sum of knowledge

It’s the whole purpose of this interpretation centre we have named l'Archipel, and which will rely on human mediation and interactivity to arouse your curiosity. The goal is to restore meaning to a visit to the Maritime Festival and make this event a place for transmitting knowledge.

What can be found in l'Archipel?

This new space will be located in the Parc à Chaînes, right next to the ticket office. It will be divided into five separate islands, each with a hundred square metres of covered space.

The themes of the islands correspond to the major themes of the International Maritime Festival: research and innovation, trades and training, the environment, tangible and intangible culture and maritime construction.

Each island will offer a rich programme of events, conferences and debates. Educational and lively, for all audiences, L’Archipel has been designed as a place for dialogue. You will be able to discover the history of maritime construction since the Neolithic period, attend a conference given by a scientist from Brest and discover the everyday life of a pilot.

The interpretation centre will thus offer the Maritime Festival partners great visibility with the public and give them the opportunity to envision the construction, content and programme of activities in their space completely independently.

Quayside voyages

From L’Archipel Interpretation Centre, visitors can select the theme they wish to explore further and embark on the voyage of their choice: environment, gastronomy, music, heritage, culture... Their route along the quayside will be punctuated by a variety of activities based on this theme.

The Maritime Festival team is keen to create real scenarios that link the quayside and vessels and allow the public to satisfy their curiosity about every aspect of the maritime world. A mobile application will help visitors find their way around the Festival site and follow the route of their voyage.