The ticket office has been open since 10 July 2019.

There are 3 different ways of buying your tickets:
– on
– at the official Brest 2020 ticket office (15 rue des Comores, Port de Commerce)
– at the Brest Métropole tourist office (8 avenue Georges Clémenceau, Place de la Liberté)

If you would like to come every day from 10 to 16 July, it is best to buy 2 three-day passes.

Adult rate:
– 1 day pass: €15
– 2 day pass*: €24
– 3 day pass*: €35

Youth rate (10 to 17 years old):
– 1 day pass: €9
– 2 day pass*: €14
– 3 day pass*: €21

*Free for children under 10 years old: consecutive or non-consecutive days
Pass prices have not changed since 2012.

It will be possible to buy tickets at the 4 entrance gates. The on-site ticket office will be open every day from 10am to 10pm. “Chèques Vacances” are accepted at the Festival ticket offices. There will be a special queue for ticket holders.

Admission is FREE for children under the age of 10.

They must go directly to the ticket control. They will then be given the day’s access bracelet.

There are no special rates for disability cardholders. However, access to the Festival will be free for accompanying persons (one accompanying person for each disability cardholder). Information on the site’s accessibility will be provided closer to the date the Festival opens.

The ticket office for traditional sailing boats and passenger launches opened in December 2019.

Tickets will be available on the website and at the official Brest 2020 ticket office – 15, rue des Comores – Port de Commerce – Tel: 02 98 33 59 31

It will be possible to choose your boat and book your trip:
– on the website
– at the official Brest 2020 ticket office (15, rue des Comores – Port de Commerce) / Tel : 02 98 33 59 31

– On
– At the official Brest 2020 ticket office (15, rue des Comores at the Port de Commerce); Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6pm.
– At the Brest Métropole tourist office (8 avenue Georges Clémenceau, Place de la liberté)

Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 6 pm


For this 8th edition, visitors will be invited to embark on a round-the-world tour through 5 maritime ports of call: the Atlantic, Pacific, Mediterranean, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, the Poles.

The ports of call will have different settings that will encouraging the public to explore. Visitors will be able to discover maritime traditions, traditional maritime construction methods, cultures, music and songs, crafts, and food… as well as the scientific, environmental and climatic challenges.

Urban pathways called expeditions will, among other things, be highlighted in the city around the following points of interest:

  • Plateau des Capucins
  • Musée National de la Marine
  • Musée des Beaux-Arts
  • Océanopolis
  • Conservatoire National Botanique

The city of Brest will be decked out in the colours of the Festival and many other events will be on offer.

From 3 to 9 July 2020, “PORTS ESCALES 2020” (PORTS OF CALL 2020) will welcome boats on their way to Brest 2020. The quaysides of around ten ports in the Brest Terre Océanes destination will come alive and kick start the maritime festivities.

The main firework displays are scheduled for Friday 10 July, Monday 13 July and Wednesday 15 July.  On 11, 12 and 14 July you can attend themed night parades which include a sound and light show and firework displays.


The official poster in 40*60cm format is available free of charge from the official Brest 2020 shop (15 rue des Comores in the Port de Commerce in Brest), the Brest Métropole tourist office (8 Avenue Georges Clemenceau-Place de la Liberté) and the Brest Métropole reception desk (24 rue de Coat Ar Gueven in Brest).

A mobile application will be launched in spring 2020. It will have information about the Maritime Festival: the programme, boats present, plans, etc.

For everything you need to know about the Festival organization, go to and

The website will be updated over the next few months.

To follow the news more closely, visit our social networks:

– Facebook : Fêtes Maritimes de Brest
– Instagram : fetes_maritimes_brest
– Linkedin : Brest Evénements Nautiques
– Twitter : Brest2020 (@brest_2020)

The main firework displays are scheduled for Friday 10 July, Monday 13 July and Wednesday 15 July.  On 11, 12 and 14 July you can attend themed night parades which include a sound and light show and firework displays.

Other questions

Opening hours from 10 to 15 July 2020
10am: Ticket office opens and the site is opened to the public
10pm: The ticket office closes
10pm – midnight: Access only for people with a ticket.
Midnight: Doors closed to the public entering, except for authorized persons.
Midnight to 1am: Exiting the site
1am: Site closes

Access to the site is free of charge on Thursday 16 July 2020, the day of the big parade.

The public can access the Festival through 4 entrances:
– Porte Jean Bart (Penfeld rive droite – Tram Station “Recouvrance” – close to Jardin des Explorateurs)
– Porte de Tourville (Penfeld rive gauche – Tram Station “Château” – close to Abri Sadi Carnot)
– Porte des Rampes (Port de Commerce – Bus stop “Rampes” – Blaveau roundabout)
– Porte Place des Formes (Port de Commerce Est – crossroads of rue de l’Elorn and rue Joseph Conrad)

Here is a list of items that are not allowed in the festival grounds:
– fireworks, smoke bombs, explosive substances, etc.
– drones
– blunt objects: hammer, bolt cutters…
– sharp objects: knife, chisel, box cutter…
– glass bottles and other glass objects,
– any type of weapons,
– telescopic baton,
– helmets,
– laser pointers,
– perfume,
– aerosols,
– bikes,
– skateboards,
– scooters,
– roller skates,
– bulky backpacks

There are no facilities on the site for depositing prohibited items.

Yes, if your meal is visible. The organization advises you to use transparent packaging in order to facilitate searches at the entrances. Dedicated areas will be made available for visitors. Gourds and bottles of liquids (except alcohol) are allowed provided they are not made of glass. Alcohol is not allowed on the site.

Pets are not allowed on the site. Only assistance dogs (such as hearing and guide dogs) are allowed.

Yes, pushchairs are allowed on the festival grounds.

When boarding, pushchairs must remain at the bottom of the gangway.

No, there will be no facilities for leaving your belongings.

Bike parking spaces will be provided at each entrance gate.

Yes, facilities for people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities will be provided within the festival grounds. There will also be a system to help people with reduced mobility or a disability go from the car park to the entrance.

Yes, there will be special car parks for people with disabilities. The locations will be specified later.

Trams and Bibus buses run in the city during the Festival.

– Single journey ticket valid for 1 hour: €1.60
– 1 day ticket: €4/day

For more

Numerous car parks are available for parking vehicles. All are located near the bus or tram lines to access the port. Shuttle buses will connect to the entrances of the festival.

Areas will be made available in the city of Brest to accommodate camper vans. The locations will be confirmed at a later date. Stay tuned to the announcements on the website and for more information.

Several types of accommodation are available in the Brest area:
– Hotels
– Bed and breakfast
– Youth hostel
– Campsites

For more information:

Access conditions will be specified at the time of the Festival. Various announcements will be made about this.

Would you like to be part of the Festival?

For any question concerning cultural and/or artistic projects, contact the music organizer with whom we work to present your project: Quai-Ouest Musiques (

Requests for catering and commercial stands are now closed.

If you wish to sell on the outskirts of the Festival, please contact the municipal service concerned.


Call 02 98 37 67 50 or send an e-mail to

Send an email to presenting your project.

Regularly consult the Brest 2020 / Recruitment section of Brest Evénements Nautiques to find out about current job offers or send your CV by email to the following address:

Boat registration applications are open from 1 October 2019 to 31 May 2020 on the website

After the boat has been registered, a commission will inform the owners of their decision within a maximum of one month.

You can participate as a volunteer through the associations in the city of Brest. The first calls for volunteers will take place during October 2019.

Stay connected on our website or on the Brest Evénements Nautiques or the Brest Maritime Festival Facebook pages for more information.